Perovskite cell is the highest cell efficiency produced to produce energy. Therefore, solving its problems will help in solving the problem of energy around the world. Solving the stability of perovskite using Tetrabutylammonium iodide (TBAI) instead of methylammonium iodide (MAPbl3) was successful, because TBAI has longer CH2 group than MAPbl3, so it absorbs less water, making the cell more stable. Also, by making a combined way between its two ways of fabrication, & getting one with less cost, and high efficiency. In addition, replacing the Spiro MeOtad by copper iodide gives a great results, which decreased the cost of the cell from 33.95 $ to 3.07 $. This hypotheses lead to further improvement in perovskite cell’s crystallinity, better light stability, less hysteresis, & lower cost.


Yara Khalid Said

Sara Sayed Mohamed