Estonian Research Council

Estonian Research Council is the main organiser of EUCYS 2017. Estonian Research Council was established in 2012 and it is the main funding organisation of R&D in Estonia. One of our main aims is to help to get young people attracted to science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and raise public awareness about science and its importance to society. We organise each year the National Contest of Young Scientists and the Young Scientists’ Festival.

We run a wide variety of science communication activities in close cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, Estonian Public Broadcasting and Estonian Society of Science Journalists. We arre currently handling nine state-financed nationwide science communication programmes addressing everybody from the very young to the general public, including the organisation of a contest for the Estonian Science Communication Award, production of two science programmes in the Estonian National Television, launching a web-portal aimed at young people that promotes career options in Science and Technology, etc..

We support researchers, awards research grants, and facilitate applied research in the fields of smart specialisation. We represent Estonia at international organisations, coordinate participation in international cooperation programmes and support international cooperation by means of counselling and funding.

We analyse research information and the impact of funding decisions, evaluate the efficiency and impact of grant usage, and the public access to research information. We also manage the Estonian Research Information System (ETIS) that contains information on R&D institutions, researchers, research projects and research outputs.


Estonian Ministry of Education and Research

Estonian Ministry of Education and Research develops Estonia´s education, research, language and youth policy.

The mission of the Ministry is to balance the education policy developments and create conditions and prerequisites in order to ensure the lifelong learning possibilities for every Estonian citizen in an innovative and development orientated society.

One of the main goals of the Ministry is ensuring that young people have extensive opportunities for development and self-actualisation to support the formation of a cohesive and creative society.