Estonia is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe bordered to the north by the Gulf of Finland, to the west by the Baltic Sea, to the south by Latvia and to the east by Lake Peipus and Russia. Across the Baltic Sea lie Sweden and Finland. Estonia has 1.3 million inhabitants. The capital of Estonia is Tallinn.
Population density in Estonia is 30.3 people per km². That is almost four times less than EU’s average—116.7 people per km²—, making Estonia the third most sparsely populated country in the EU.
Forests cover about half of Estonian territory. More than 40% of them belong to the state and are certified organic. As all our forests grow naturally, granting private forests the certificate they deserve would make half of Estonian territory organic.
About 1.1 million people speak Estonian, one of the world’s smallest official national languages. It is used successfully in all areas of society. Estonians also speak a variety of other languages.

Estonians understand technology: Skype revolutionized communication, TransferWise changed international money transfers, GrabCAD helps to build products faster and Starship robots reimagine local delivery.

Practical tips: we have right-hand traffic; 230 V voltage; Type F electrical plugs; UTC+2 time zone and the currency is the Euro.
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