The European Food and Drink Industry prize, awarded by FoodDrinkEurope:
FoodDrinkEurope, on behalf of Europe’s Food and Drink Industry, is very pleased to award the winner/each member of the winning team with a check for 2,000 euros. This prize will no doubt help the young scientists in their research pursuits and provide support for their future academic or professional plans.  

The Danone prize
Danone is proud to encourage young people to get involved in science. To encourage them to continue on their research path and eventually embark on a career in this field, we will offer a laptop to each member of the winning team.

The DSM prize
DSM will be pleased to host the winning student(s) at its DSM Nutritional Products application lab facilities in Kaiseraugst in Switzerland, for an all-expenses-paid 2 day trip, to introduce and educate the student(s) in understanding the role of Nutrients & Colors in Food & Beverages. The prize applies to students above 18 years old.

The PepsiCo prize
PepsiCo is pleased to support young scientists and will offer a top-notch laptop as prize for the winner/each member of the winning team (max. 3). The winner(s) will receive a model with minimum storage capacity of 500GB, an Ultra-HD screen and a powerful Intel Core i7 processor. With a laptop with these specifications, you can do research and elaborate large amounts of data or just watch videos and browse the web – whenever you want, wherever you are going.