Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking non-food bioeconomy prize

The BBI programme offers enormous opportunities to tackle some major societal, environmental and economic challenges, including climate change, energy and food security and resource efficiency. The bioeconomy EUCYS prize will be awarded by the judges to the project which they feel best uses biotechnology for the production and the conversion of biomass into non-food value-added products.                                                                                                                                                                                     

The winning project should reflect three key principals of the bio-based economy in using raw material of a biological origin, for example whole or parts of plants, trees, algae, marine organisms, micro-organisms, animal in a way which is sustainable; renewable; innovative. The winning project will also meet a fourth criteria based on the effectiveness of its overall communicability to the scientific community and the general public. The winning project should promote scientific studies, while raising environmental awareness, and promote the bioeconomy.

The prize will be awarded by BBI JU who will provide a paid 4-day trip to Brussels for the winning project participants to include travel to/from and accommodation in Brussels during the trip. The winning project participants will enjoy a tailor-made experience covering every aspect of the programme’s activities.

About the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking

The Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI) is a €3.73 billion public-private partnership between the European Union and bio-based industries. It’s role is funding innovative research projects which will speed up the implementation of a bio-based economy in Europe. BBI JU’s funding should encourage additional investment by industry. It works by setting up multi-partner projects who work together to solve the scientific, logistic and infrastructural challenges facing the bio-based industry in Europe. Research can be in a lab or in a combination of lab, pilot plant or biorefinery.